Getting Started


First and foremost, WELCOME! You have just taken the first step in becoming a CrossFitter and an entirely new person.Your journey begins with our 1-month long intro. We have an extensive beginners program that lasts for 12 classes over the course of 1 month. You will attend 3 classes each week for 4 weeks. During this time you will be taught everything you need to know to not only be successful at our facility, but all the tools to become the best athlete you have ever been.

Experienced CrossFitters:

Are you a current CrossFitter? If so, simply pass our Coach's screening and start right up now. Why pass a screen when you have already been doing this for a while? We simply want to make sure we are all on the up and up. We take our safety very seriously. Also, we wish to establish with our athletes the Payback method of training. Other facilities have their way of training, and we have ours. We do this screening in an effort to share our methodology and get the coaches and athletes on the same page.

One-on-One Training:

Not interested in starting with a group? No problem. We offer a one-on-one introduction which lasts 2 weeks at whatever time you and we decide will best suit your needs and schedule. Call or send us an e-mail to get an appointment with one of our coaches. One on one introduction prices vary by coach.

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