Coach Dave

It goes without saying that my dedication to both my athletes and to CrossFit are unquestionable. I discovered CrossFit doing it in an old friend's backyard, and it was the greatest gift I have ever received. Soon afterwards I acquired my Level One Trainer distinction, and began training people in Millerton, NY. I want you to have the same life changing experience that CrossFit has given me. We are here to help you achieve your goals, and we WILL get you there. All that we ask out of you is that you show up, work hard, and never quit.

Coach Dave 


CrossFit Level One Trainer

USAW Level One Sports Performance Coach

USAW Level Two Advanced Sports Performance Coach

 Bill Marshall

As a member of the Norwich Sports Hall of Fame I am excited to be a part of the CrossFit Payback's coaching staff. My participation will be directed to helping those interested in reaching a specific running goal, whether it be a PR at any distance or completing their first half or full marathon. My running history is extensive, so I will touch on only a few highlights. Going WAY back I was on the first and only NFA New England Champions boys cross-country team. Years later I was voted Connecticut's best Master's Runner by the Connecticut Coaches Association. I have run a 2:25:15 at the 1980 Boston Marathon and as a Master's runner I have run a 15:21 5K. My 31:20 10K in 1985 ranked me fourth in the country as a Master runner and In 1990 I was the National Half Marathon Champion for the 45-49 age group. My Master's record of 31:20 for the prestigious Holyoke 10K stood for over 25 years. Many of my other records still hold. I look forward to helping you reach your own running goals.

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